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Know Your Code

Know Your Code is a genetic testing advocacy initiative by Retina International, and is part of a call to action for the Inherited Retinal Degeneration (IRD) community to advocate for affordable and accessible genetic testing to accurately diagnose IRDs.

About Know Your Code

Know Your Code is an all-encompassing platform for information on genetic testing, providing a bespoke, go-to resource for patients, clinicians, researchers, and health policy specialists alike.

On this portal, you can learn more about:

  • The genetics and inheritance of IRDs
  • Genetic testing – how it is carried out, and why you should “Know Your Code”
  • The process of genetic counselling, and how to get the support you need
  • The genetic testing landscape around the globe
  • Our pioneering Cost of Illness studies, and their major findings
  • How to advocate for affordable and accessible genetic testing

About Retina International

Retina International is a global umbrella organisation for patient-led charities and foundations who support research into rare, genetically inherited and age-related retinal conditions.

RI believes that education leading to participation is a key driver in successful innovation.

Retina International strives to – Educate its community who in turn will be the educators of their peers, of all relevant stakeholders and decision makers and will utilise the understanding to Participate as informed actors in development of research, through the provision of advice, and perspective to all stakeholders and decision makers allowing the community to better Innovate to support and promote research for unmet need.

To learn more, visit our website: retina-international.org